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10 Challenges A Bride Faces By Marrying In a Different Community!

Marrying in a different community may not seem smooth and needs special attention to some adjustment needs. We give you ten major challenges that a bride needs to face by marrying into a different community.

1. The difference in religious and cultural views

The biggest challenge is learning the rituals and rules of the new family. For you, Holi may be the biggest Gala in the year but your husband’s family may just finish it with a small Puja.

2. Learning to adjust with new food recipes and eating habits

A punjabi girl’s feast is butter chicken and shahi paneer. Marrying a Baniya would require endless Pooris and Aloo Gobhi!

Marrying in a different community

Different tastes of food and eating habits

3. Making your children grow up with knowledge of both the communities

This is particularly challenging for the kids who need to learn a lot more than normal same community parents.

4. Adhering to the dress code when needed

If you are a Punjabi married to a South Indian, you know the hassles of the traditional jewellery and the kanjivaram Sarees in comparison to Deep cut fish shaped Blouses.

Marrying in a different community

Different Traditional Dresses

5. Language and Communication

It may take Bride a while of strange expressions that say” I did not understand” when the Husbands Naani or the Bua speak in the community dialect.

Marrying in a different community

Not understanding the Language

6. Conflicting Different Mindsets of the Families

For all your life you may have celebrated Woman hoods and independence but marry a Conservative Good Looking Stud and you have to change your personal and social habits

7. Having two dissimilar set of Parents to handle

For a simple problem that the bride may face, she would always have to choose from two conflicting and opposite family suggestions from the two set of parents. The dilemma of disappointing either set of parents is always there.

8. Adapting to different Lifestyles

A Marathi Bride is traditional and fun loving and loves to dress up and make her family happy. On the other hand a Bengali or a Tamil Family as in-laws would lend pressure of intellect, music and carnatic history on the bride making her lose confidence in her lifestyles

9. The Marriage Rituals in totality

if you think a bride being a Gujarati can have a completely Gujarati marriage by marrying a Kerala brahmin, it is simply not possible.

Marrying in a different community

Different marriage Traditions

10. The Difference in viewpoints and thoughts

marrying a man from a different community invites more arguments that arise due to different upbringing and family backgrounds

If you think your marriage to a boy of a different community could also have other problems, share them with us and we shall help you solve them!