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Always keep in mind following things while you are trying to find your life partner:


Important Safety Tips

Never pay money to anyone in any condition. Most likely it’s a scam.

Most of such fraudulent people upload good pictures of them, talk nicely to influence you and might pose as NRIs. Then at some point of time, they ask you for money giving some excuses.



Be wary of prospects who don't involve friends and family.

It is highly recommended that you visit the home of your prospects, meet them at their workplace, and meet their friends and relatives before taking the process forward. You should satisfy yourself about their genuineness.

Such people generally target unmarried or divorcees in late ages and rust into marriage. They make excuses about not involving any family or friends.

Be cautious of anyone who asks you to deactivate your profile immediately after expressing Interest.

Some frauds express interest and, immediately after the first discussion, request you to suspend your profile. Be wary of such urgent requests when you haven't even had detailed preliminary discussions. Such people usually say they're going to invest millions of dollars into the country. Later they call to say the person has been mugged and has lost everything including briefcase and money. The person lies that he is now stranded with no money and asks you to help with $20k or $25k. If you say you don't have so much money, they will be desperate and request you to send whatever you can. They typically target divorcees and unmarried people in the late ages. Do not under any circumstance deal with such people.

Do not hurry

Sometimes the Family visits you and tells you that their son/daughter is going abroad and has only few weeks to go back. They want to get done with the wedding.

There may be genuine cases where such a scenario is possible. But it is advised that a discreet check is made into their claims. You must investigate how long they have lived abroad and how frequently they travel. You should also verify their social media profiles.

Be wary of people who have insignificant local friends on social media

Fraudsters don't upload their pictures on social media and usually have insignificant local friends following them on Facebook and LinkedIn. They like to stay anonymous and dupe unsuspecting people.

Be cautious when you come across such profiles with no photos, very little information and few local friends connected to them. Look out for group photos (with friends, colleagues and relatives) on Facebook and check their LinkedIn profile for career progression before any decision.

Avoid physical relationship before marriage, because you could be cheated later

However genuine the person may sound, you must be cautious and avoid meeting a person in a private place like a hotel room. Even if your family is involved while preparing for an arranged marriage, it's strongly recommended to meet prospects only in a common place and avoid meeting the person alone even at their residence. Before marriage, avoid physical relationship because there's a possibility of being cheated.

Never deal with anyone who calls from multiple numbers

Many times someone will call you from different numbers to avoid being traced. Such people can cheat you. You are advised to stay aware of such callers.

Never share your bank information

Never share your personal information. These include details like ATM pin number, bank credentials and email passwords. You become vulnerable to cheating.